Thursday, October 29, 2009

Texas Two-Step : Method #8 Social Networking

When comparing Facebook (FB) to MySpace using Austin Public Library my impression is that the FB site is more events driven for people who understand libraries. Yes, it has the hours, location and contact information but not how to use their library. The MySpace site seems to be aimed at how to use a library. It is more visual with embedded instructional videos on basic library services. I didn’t realize that library had a gender – Austin is female according to their My Space page :-)

From observing patron use Austin Public Library is targeting the proper audiences. FB is used by more experienced adults and MySpace by younger or people who are not experienced in libraries. On professional level I can see excellent uses for libraries in marketing and educational purposes. Even Twitter’s brief announcements come in handy when promoting library sponsored activities. The Little Elm Public Library currently publishes it’s newsletter on FB and we get comments from patrons thanking us for the information. Social networking is here so why not make use of it!

On a personal note, I don’t publish all my personal information for privacy reasons. Friends and family already know about me and professional relationships (especially long-distance ones) don’t need to know. That may sound tacky, but I have worked with computers too long to make things easy for those who would do harm.

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