Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Texas Two-Step : Method #7 Tagging, folksonomies & social bookmarking in

I chose Great Collection of Visual Identities which had 332 people bookmark the site. By Clicking on the number of people I was able to view comments and see the addition tags that individuals use. This is their way of tracking the site.

I can see how many people would benefit from Social Bookmarking especially interest groups working on projects. The use of genre specific collections (mystery, scifi, new, rare, etc…) in Library Thing is a neat idea. Personally setting up my bookmarks in Delicious is painful and time consuming. I tried importing my existing bookmarks in and realized how many unused bookmarks are listed! The system I use was inherited and many others used it as a temporary workstation; each leaving their mark! So on day I’ll sing into Delicious and clean everything up to see how it will truly work for me.

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