Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Texas Two-Step : Method #6 You too can Youtube

There a so many choices on Youtube, TeacherTube, and several more! Many are fun, some are just silly and I wonder why anyone bothers and still others are educational. We see people everyday watching videos at the library. We have 16 public access systems and we are a hot spot. The problem is that everyone shares the same network. So when some are watching videos or listening to music it impacts everyone. The speed really slows down!
One way videos in the library would be great is to use then like FAQs – have some that show how to do routine acts that we answer everyday. As in showing someone how to change printers or use office equipment or even where the restrooms are.
I looked at several starting with library themes and ended up in the holiday category where I found this Halloween video. It really made me giggle it was so silly. I hope you enjoy it also.


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