Thursday, October 29, 2009

Texas Two-Step : Method #10 This Wiki World

The PBwork is really simple! The steps to our assignments are very clear and each feature did just what it was supposed to! Two thumbs up for the teachers and writers of this lesson. ;-))

I looked around on Wikipedia and it is much more complicated. With the type of service it is – I hope they keep a much tighter reign! I do find it interesting when some organizations are in the creation stage. For example, I looked at the ALA Government wiki and most of the pages are blank. But the recent use has all kinds of data. Does one have to login to see the data even if they do not plan on making changes?

Almost any organization (libraries included) can make use of wiki’s for policy information, upcoming events, and as the example shows fundraising. Getting the information out to people is important, but keeping it authenticated is the tricky part. So I really believe that the recent use and history pages are the most important.

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