Wednesday, July 22, 2009

YouTube vids - Thing 20

I really liked the “Shout It Out for Your Library!” video, a promotion from regular and public people in support of the New York Public Library. The ending tells that libraries are more than just books; they are job searches, computer access, education, imagination, and much more. As one participate says, bang on a pan to raise awareness.

Thank you to all the libraries that explain Technical Services!!! We are often told volunteers can do the cataloging – hey it’s just data input. The different libraries that show what goes on behind the scenes are awesome!

I can see where libraries can use videos from finding the library to using the databases to checking out books. Marketing of the services by showing clips of programs would be a great way to explain the different programs offered at the local libraries.
ALA videos are called screen casts. They function just like YouTube videos but have a few options that are not as obvious like “guide details about this episode” the ability to embed or email the video to others and the option to easily full in full screen mode.

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