Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pods - Thing 21

I looked at several of the libraries including Arizona State, DeKalb, Denver Public and Kankakee Public Library. Most of the audio quality was very good. When listening to the Arlo Guthrie visiting Kankakee the quality was really bad. After rereading the introduction of the podcast, they specified that the there was technical difficulties during recording. It was interesting listening to the Guthrie family discussing the music business during a trip on the City of New Orleans to benefit Katrina victims. I would consider subscribing to Kankakee’s podcasts because they had some very interesting topics. Some of the other libraries were okay; the topics were not quite to my taste. Although libraries are my bread and butter, listening to author talks don’t hold my interest unless it is an author I am extremely interested in or a local author that I want to learn more about as a person of interest to the community. Denver library has “Stories for Kids” that is impressive for children. Their nursery rhymes, folk tales, and fairytales are really good.

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  1. As stated pods are a mixed bag, what is good for you may be horrible for another so being able to search for the info you want is very important in keeping these alive in the future. I believe LOC is making the Story Core "?" available through pods which will be loved by genologists in the future and possibly even primary sources for certain topics.