Monday, July 6, 2009

LibraryThingie – Thing 16

I like Library Thing; then again I have a spreadsheet at home with all my movies and books. With Library Thing I can share with my friends which I trade books with anyway. ThingLang is interesting, but not something I’ll use personally. It is very possible I could use it at the library when cataloging. It is more likely I’ll use ISBN Check.

Question for ya’ll…
Anyone out there use CueCat Scanners? I was wondering if they can be used for general scanning or just ISBNs.

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  1. CueCat were designed for barcodes maybe 10 years ago or more and are no longer common place. The iPhone scanning a barcode and taking you to a site was the idea cuecat had back in the day that you could scan and it would take you to an informational website about the product.