Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Developing for our library - Thing 22

How true! How true! Serving patrons in a public library brings new, exciting, and often unusual requests every day. Learning the 23 Things touched on many of the questions we are asked. Our library was one that required the entire staff to participate in 23 Things. The good thing about total participation is that when one is having problems with a specific “thing” there is always someone to ask.

There is so much to learn within the 23 Things that combining this course with the increased summer traffic in a public library, made it very difficult to learn the details. This means that additional time for future review is a must. I would almost like to recommend that staff (including myself) take the course again in the fall and take their time with the things in order to learn them better. I am a firm believer in hands on use is the best way to learn. So, the encouragement to continue with a thing or two is probably the more realistic way to continue learning.

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