Friday, July 17, 2009

oogling docs - thing 19

I'm learning google docs. creating a document is pretty easy. This document will be shared with a few others, let's see if the sharing works.

Okay sharing and collaborating is easy as long as one has the correct email addresses.
I'll be using this as part of the Infoquest txt referencing project. They already have an area setup and have added me, now I just need to figure out how to enter their area. Does anyone know how to link areas or can this be done? It looks like I'll be doing some experimenting :-)

I also used the Form utility. It reminds me of some web programs that create browser pages using front-ends. It fairly straight forward and could be used for alot of different applications. When exported to adobe, the file was not as expected. The format was similar to an excel spreadsheet, not the expected form. Nor were the drop down options shown. Something else with which to experiment...

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  1. glad docs is of use to you... their presentation program is easier than powerpoint when you want to add video content to a presentation...