Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Texas Two-Step, Method 3, Life in the clouds

I must start my blog off with a comment on terminology! My original definition of “Cloud computing” was closer to the linking of thoughts as in searching between topics: similar to following idea trees. The concept of sharing files and applications was just that, file sharing.

This “Computing in the Cloud” philosophy makes sense also. The idea of sharing files and not everyone creating new saves time and creates consistency. If a group is working on a project, having multiple copies often leads to incorrect information, miscommunication, and discontent of the participants. I was part of many projects where some departments had PCs, others had UNIX systems, and still others had MACs. –Talk about miscommunication!!!! We converted several applications to html based and used networked based file sharing – the precursor to Computing in the Cloud.

Libraries can benefit by Cloud Computing quickly by putting forms, policies, newsletters, and many other common documents online. Clubs, programs, and other functions of the libraries can benefit also. Speaking from past experience, Cloud Computing is exciting!

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