Tuesday, May 12, 2009

L2 Web 2 or Thing 2

In O'Reilly's article, he talks about BitTorrent describing a key element as "the service gets automatically gets better the more people use it." That then should mean that people will get better at using the service. Remember - practice makes perfect...

It really sounds like Web 2.0 combines human and technology interaction. People are making changes to web sites on the fly and others trust that what they publish is correct. As librarians know this can lead to bad information or great information, one just has to know the difference.

Collective Intelligence and user input are awesome ways to improve any product. The more input developers have the more they can make technology useable for all. Technology changes so quickly, it is great when it is easy to use!

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  1. the 5,000 days video on youtube (at least the beginning) really makes you think about what has chenged in the past several years.